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Maan di shan  By: Iftikhar Hussain Tahir - DeenIslam.Com
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farrukh from gujranwala August 05, 2008
i love this naat. nothing is impossible if u have mother.maan is a very big blessing of Allah.No words to say what is maan.u dont pay reward aganist mother work hard.
Khalid M Tanveer from Kuwait July 12, 2008
I cont sleep with out lessening of Man Di Shan, Oh GOD bless on my mother.The person how live aywith mother he is only alive, With out Mother there is no life, please pray for happyness of my Mother, Its my request to all. Thanks.Khalid M TanveerMiana Gondel M B Din Pakistan
imran ziyad arif azeez from queens new york February 11, 2008
the best in the west i ever heard i cry and think about my mom saalam to all 786
sajjal from Washington DC, USA January 03, 2008
this is such a beautiful kalaam... it reminds all of us how we forget so many times that a mother hold such a high respect in the view of God and how we should be respecting our mothers and mothers of our loved ones.... its just amazing... worth listening as a reminder to all of us of how even the auliyas and ulmas also respect and lover their mothers.... maa ke dar se jise faiz mille... wo dunia aur akhrat dono ko fatah kar leta hai.... always remember...
Muhammad Asif Akram from Navan Ireland May 09, 2005
AOA when i heard dat i kept on crying for whole night as i missed my Mom very much especially here. May Allah Bless on the Parents of every one.
Arif from Lahore, PK November 05, 2004
Salam all world and happy eid day greethings.
Irfan Khurshid from London, UK October 31, 2004
oh great great. There is everything that has got resembelance with eachther byut but but MAAN has never got anything like her. oh our mothers "MAY YOU ALL LIVE LONG". Thanx
Abdul Khaliq from Pakistan October 26, 2004
I like this Maan Di Shan when i listen this i cannot control myself. GOD bless Iftikhar Hussain Tahir.
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Added by: Admin
Added on: December 31, 1969
Language: Punjabi
Category: Miscellaneous
Duration: 12 Minutes
File Size: 1.81 MB
deenislam.com - Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

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